Staying Productive During Quarantine: Time for a Wardrobe Re-vamp!

It’s a crazy time in the world right now. So much is going on in the world but at the same time we are all confined to our homes and have so little to do… To stay healthy (mentally and physically) it’s important to stay busy and focus on things that motivate us. For us at Cadelle, ofcorse that’s fashion. And since you are reading this article, I’m going to take a guess and say that it’s something that motivates you too!

So we are starting a thread; things to do to stay productive in quarantine that are fashion related. Today’s task is to re-vamp our wardrobe! That means we are unpacking the things you actually need so we can decipher what to keep, what to get rid of and what to invest in. Let’s begin!

We’ve put together a list of 5 key pieces you need in your wardrobe. These items are trans-seasonal, can be worn with a heap of different outfits and are essential items for anyone living anywhere.


  1. Neutral leather jacket

A neutral leather jacket is a complete essential. It groves up any outfit, finishing it off with a chic and sophisticated edge. The most common neutral leather jacket most people go for is black – which ofcorse is always a winner and you cannot go wrong. However, we haven’t totally limited ourselves to black because different style types will suit different neutrals better. Personally we LOVE a tan leather jacket. The warmth in the colour just picks up your outfit. It works great with all black or denim jeans and a jumper in winter, but its versatility is most obvious when you can also wear it with your summer dresses to help bring them through the different seasons or when you want something a little dressier than your denim jacket. The last neutral we recommend is grey. Grey is perfect for those who already have a black or tan and want something extra, or for those who wear a lot of white or black and want a jacket that can be worn with both without blending in. Grey is our go to choice to pair with white – it’s a stunning combo that keeps it light but the grey so perfectly balances out the starkness of an all-white look.

  1. A little black bag

Ok so this time we are specifying the colour. A little black bag is a no contest must-have. Wear it day to night, casual to dressy, literally any occasion you can think of; a little black bag is always a winner. Go for something that’s simple enough to wear with a whole bunch of outfits, but not something so bland that it drags down your outfit with its lack of character. You need to find the perfect balance so that you can add to your outfit and get a sleek, effortlessly stylish finish that doesn’t go overboard to steal the show. We’ve put some of our fave little black bags below.

  1. Go-to belt

This one is self-explanatory; everyone needs a perfectly fitting belt that you wear to keep your pants up, or wear around your waist to pull in in a flowy dress. We are loving the new trend of wearing a belt around a jacket; give it a try it’s an absolute look! Our choice for the go-to belt is our Monaco belt from Monk Leather. It comes in 3 colours; black, tan and cognac. The best thing about this belt is that it is adjustable! So you can wear it waisted or around your hips by simply adjusting the little leather straps that hold it in place. This belt is one size fits all and will fit sizes 8-16.

  1. A large tote

A large tote is needed for everything from running errands, heading to a friend or partners house for the night, or packing all your essentials for a work day. The colour and style is totally up to your personal preference. We recommend going for something with thick comfy straps, and a pocket or too for organisation never hurt anybody!


  1. Winter gloves

This is one you might not have thought about, but you really should have. Unless you’re living in a desert or very close to the equator, it probably gets a least a little cold in the winter. Even if you don’t, anytime you head somewhere a little chillier this is something you’re going to want. Now most people have a pair of woollen mittens somewhere, but this is called a wardrobe re-vamp, therefore you need something a little more stylish than that!  A pair of leather gloves is the perfect answer. Soft, smooth and long lasting, a pair of leather gloves will give your winter outfits a classically stylish lift whenever you pull them out. Keep it sleek and simple so you can wear them with any outfit, a black pair with a little bit of detail is always a great choice.

These are the 5 key pieces we have selected that are must-haves in any wardrobe. Identify and consolidate these pieces, and from there you will see just how many outfits you can work them into! Once you’ve got these essential items as your base, you will find building outfits and revamping the rest of your wardrobe a lot easier!